“The Arizona Brides” is Available!

AzBrides Book1 Cover-200

An Audacious Spitfire is the first book in the “Arizona Brides Series”, which will be published soon.

Bridget Quinn never knew her mother or her father, having been given away at birth. On her eighteenth birthday, she receives a letter from her mother, detailing her parentage, which is shocking. Her mother, who is gravely ill, tells her that her father is Gerry Quinn. Armed with a small inheritance, Bridget escapes from St. Josephs Orphan Home with her trusted sidekick, Sawyer Brown, who is a boy she’s been looking after for years. Together they embark on a wild and unpredictable journey that will lead Bridget straight into the arms of Jesse Owen, who is eager to help her find her father, although his motives are questionable. When the dust settles, a family will be reunited, a couple will be torn apart, and a surprise ending will turn everything on its head all over again.

Hang on to your hats!


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