Now available! An Unexpected Love, Book 5 of The Colorado Brides Series

Brides 5 Cover RC2-200

An Unexpected Love is now available on Amazon and is coming soon to iTunes and B&N.

After arriving in Denver City with her four siblings, Jane Hampton has settled in and grown to love her new family. A chance encounter with a stranger, who happens to look like a Native American, sends her perfectly ordered life into a strange and perplexing tailspin. Not engaged yet, but courting Wesley Hornsby, Jane finds herself increasingly attracted to Ryan Hartsock, who works on Hannah and Nathan’s farm.

Through the tumultuous summer of 1865, they are thrown together by a series of events and natural disasters. During the time of the Indian Wars, looking like the enemy was dangerous. Ryan is singled out and tormented wherever he goes, which is upsetting to everyone, especially Jane.

When her beau returns from the mountains, Jane must make a decision regarding her future. Mr. Hartsock has almost nothing to offer besides a tipi, and Wesley has been prospecting, returning triumphantly with the spoils of his endeavors. Jane knows what she will do…and it won’t be easy, but nothing ever is where the heart is concerned.


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