The Mail Order Brides of Boot Creek


Mail Order Catastrophe!

Coming Soon!

The Mail Order Brides of Boot Creek

Amidst the drunken lawlessness of 1880’s New Mexico, the mayor’s wife, Mrs. Hershey, is determined to find wives for the towns most notorious and eligible bachelors.

Wretched Chastity

Fleeing New York and her creditors, Chastity Donovan arrives in Boot Creek to marry an alcoholic miner, with a murderous bent. The promise of a new life evaporates, but outlaw Lucian Ellison presents an interesting dilemma. He is determined to not only find the gold that is owed him, but also steal Chastity for his own.

Desperate Lola

Lola Parsons has a secret. She’s a runaway, determined to escape the clutches of her stepfather. Being a mail order bride will solve all of her problems, as Mrs. Hershey has connected her to one of the wealthiest cattle barons in the territory. But her new husband won’t tolerate lies, and trouble looms from the threat of a business rival. To compound matters, Lola’s worst fears are realized when her stepfather kidnaps her, throwing everything into chaos.

Shameful Celia

When Celia’s husband dies in a freak accident, she is forced to answer a mail order bride ad, hoping to wed quickly. After arriving in Boot Creek, her fiancé is shocked to learn that not only has she been married before, but Celia’s also heavily pregnant. Refusing to honor his commitment to her, Pastor Kinsley must step in to help, offering Celia a place to stay in the Men’s Emporium, where he lives. It’s not long before the bachelor preacher falls hard for the brunette beauty, but there is a reason why he has not married, or perhaps … is he already married?

These are the first three books in the series, with more to follow in the weeks to come.


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