Bride of the Wild


Bride of the Wild is a novel about the pioneers who settled the American west, risking everything in pursuit of better lives. Saffron Fossett and her family braved a treacherous journey along an immigrant trail to settle in the wilds of the Rockies, with its majestic, snowcapped mountains and lush prairies. The family built a house and farmed for a living, but after a bout with illness, Saffron’s mother succumbed, leaving the Fossett children bereft. Her beau, Silas Hefferman, offered comfort, and Saffron hoped to be his wife one day.

Micah Blaylock had been a wagon master and trapper, having lived deep in the Rocky Mountains most of his life. He has come to Fern Valley to look for work, bringing with him his friend, Deer Runner, an Arapaho Indian, who was fluent in English. Upon meeting Saffron, he is drawn to her beauty, her poise, and her spirit, harboring a secret crush that blossoms into an all-encompassing love.

A series of bear attacks shatter the peace of Fern Valley, spurring the inhabitants to organize a hunting party. As Saffron embarks on this dangerous mission, calamity soon follows, and she must confront her fears and risk it all to save those she cares for. The love she seeks is indeed near, someone whom she has grown to respect—someone she had never imagined herself with—yet through trial and circumstance, she could now never live without.

Bride of the Wild is a standalone novel, coming in October November… now available at Amazon and CreateSpace.

Categories: Victorian romance novels, historical romance bestsellers, sweet historical romance, pioneer western novels, Colorado history, clean historical romance, inspirational historical romance, action adventure historical romance, Christian historical romance, 19th century fiction, Victorian romance suspense.


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