“Bride of the Wild” is now available!


Bride of the Wild is a romantic adventure set in 1850’s Colorado.

A series of bear attacks shatter the peace of Fern Valley, spurring the inhabitants to organize a hunting party to rid the town of a feral animal. Micah Blaylock is a wagon master and trapper, having lived deep in the Rocky Mountains most of his life. He has come to Fern Valley to look for work, bringing with him his friend, Deer Runner, an Arapaho Indian, who speaks fluent English. Upon meeting Saffron Fossett, he is drawn to her beauty, her poise, and her spirit, harboring a crush that blossoms into love, but, alas, she seems firmly set on Silas Hefferman, the eldest son of a rich merchant.

Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime, as Saffron, Micah, and Silas join a hunting party intent on killing the rabid bear. Not only will they be forced to protect themselves from the dangers of nature, but the woodland Utes call these mountains their home, and they will go to any length to protect their way of life.

Saffron will have to place her faith in God, and once the decision is made, she won’t ever be able to turn back. This leap of faith might just end in tragedy—but perhaps not, if you believe in miracles.



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4 responses to ““Bride of the Wild” is now available!

  1. Susan Leslie

    Was disappointed in lack of accuracy in this novel, altho have read less than 20%. Not going to read further – is very jarring to be relaxing into the story line, and BAM, another hole in the setting. Does not appear to me that you asked a qualified person to review it. One simple fix: change date at beginning to read “Colorado, 1874”. That will let you keep Eggs Benedict (invented 1860s, but remember ham was worth its weight in gold), homesteading (1862 Act), and church steeple (first on Eastern slope in 1873). The few women in Colorado territory in the 1850s did leave many letters and diaries, for your future use. Good luck – pace and plot are enjoyable and dialogue is realistic. And, yes, the plot HAS occurred, in Alaska 1890s – 1920s, as I was told by old-timers when I asked about the old, heavily built, windowless cabin on our property: the doorway was about 20″ wide and 4 1/2 feet tall. Keep out a bear long enough for the gold miner to wake and find his gun.

    • I did take some historical liberties. I wanted to write an entertaining piece of fiction with drama and romance. If I change the date to 1874, then other plot issues will have to be addressed, and that would require an entire re-write. I will take this into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to contact me. I’m sorry you found this book lacking.

      Carré White

  2. Janice Pringle

    Please put your new books on I Books. I read on an IPad. I enjoyed your first installment of the Carson Brothers of Kansas. But sadly the additional books are not on IBooks. 😔

    • Did you know that you can download the Kindle app on your iPad to read ebooks and magazines purchased at Amazon? We use that with our iPad mini, iPhone 6, and an (Android 5.1) LG G4 (phone). The app works very well and we use the Android and iPad all the time.

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