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Rafe: Rocky Mountain Bachelors Book 2


Now available!

She’s an environmental activist. He’s with big oil. They can’t agree on a single thing, but… that won’t stop them from falling in love.

Rafe (Rocky Mountain Bachelors Book2)

Opposites do attract, so they say…

Having taken up with a local protest group, Keely Moore is passionate about the environment and ready to protest against big business, Harrison Oil & Gas preparing to drill in the mountains nearby. When Rafe Tucker arrives in town, taking a cabin at Keely’s bed and breakfast, she is stunned to discover his involvement with the oil company, working for them as chief of mining operations. Incensed, she vows to hate him, although the youngest Tucker brother is far too handsome and disarmingly charming.

Rafe understands Keely’s distress, vowing to safely oversee the drill site, but the protest force is stronger than expected, and so is his attraction to the lovely blonde. When plans go awry, Rafe is faced with a staggering decision—a decision that will change the course of his life forever.

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“Sonoran Nights” Now Available


The danger…the romance…the heat…

Sonoran Nights

She was the half-breed daughter of the town drunk; he was the rich kid, but failed sports star, who everyone fantasized about. As Wind Whitebear unravels the mystery surrounding her father’s death, she discovers a dangerous secret, and worse, that she’s in love with the one man who has the power to break her heart.

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Sonoran Nights


March 2013 release of debut novel

Caught in the middle of a dangerous scheme, Wind Whitebear must unravel the secrets of her father’s death before the killer strikes again. Tyler McCormick had been poised for greatness, until an injury ended a promising sports career. Seeing Wind again stirs the crush he’s harbored since high school, but can their love survive an avalanche of lies, deception, and danger?

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