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Rafe: Rocky Mountain Bachelors Book 2


Now available!

She’s an environmental activist. He’s with big oil. They can’t agree on a single thing, but… that won’t stop them from falling in love.

Rafe (Rocky Mountain Bachelors Book2)

Opposites do attract, so they say…

Having taken up with a local protest group, Keely Moore is passionate about the environment and ready to protest against big business, Harrison Oil & Gas preparing to drill in the mountains nearby. When Rafe Tucker arrives in town, taking a cabin at Keely’s bed and breakfast, she is stunned to discover his involvement with the oil company, working for them as chief of mining operations. Incensed, she vows to hate him, although the youngest Tucker brother is far too handsome and disarmingly charming.

Rafe understands Keely’s distress, vowing to safely oversee the drill site, but the protest force is stronger than expected, and so is his attraction to the lovely blonde. When plans go awry, Rafe is faced with a staggering decision—a decision that will change the course of his life forever.

If you have enjoyed the first two books of the Rocky Mountain Bachelors series, please stop by Amazon and leave a review.


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Jessica: Orphans on the Frontier

Brides of the Rockies Covers 14_600x900

Jessica: Orphans on the Frontier

Available now for a limited time for just 99 cents!

The moment Lachlan Garrett and his men set foot in town, Jessica Hardtock knows there will be trouble. The handsome cowboy, with his easy manner and lazy smile, steals her breath away. However, having escaped from danger as a child, she’s learned men can never be trusted.

Having come west in search of a trio of cold-blooded killers, Lachlan is stunned to find Snowcastle, a town not on any map. There is something peculiar about its sheriff as well. His instincts tell him the boy with the shorn blonde hair isn’t a male at all, but a woman—a beautiful woman.

Fate has brought them together, but the shadows of the past are closing in. Jessica will have to trust the handsome rancher, or else risk the welfare of the town, and the life she’s dreamed of. She is in danger of losing it all—especially her heart, because there is something about Lachlan she cannot resist.

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The Mail Order Brides of Boot Creek Anthology


The Mail Order Brides of Boot Creek Anthology

99 cents for a limited time!

Amidst the lawlessness of 1880’s New Mexico, the mayor’s wife, Mrs. Hershey, is determined to find wives for the towns most notorious and eligible bachelors. But little does she realize the magnitude of the challenges that face her, because matching perfect strangers is far more difficult than it looks.

Wretched Chastity

Fleeing New York and her creditors, Chastity Donovan arrives in Boot Creek to marry an alcoholic miner, with a murderous bent. The promise of a new life quickly evaporates, but outlaw Lucian Ellison presents an interesting dilemma. He is determined to not only find the gold that is owed him, but also steal Chastity for his own.

Desperate Lola

Lola Parsons is a runaway, determined to escape the clutches of her stepfather. Being a mail order bride will solve all of her problems, as Mrs. Hershey has connected her to one of the wealthiest cattle barons in the territory. But her new husband won’t tolerate lies, and trouble looms from the threat of a business rival. To compound matters, Lola’s worst fears are realized when her stepfather kidnaps her, throwing everything into chaos.

Shameful Celia

After Celia’s husband dies in a freak accident, she is forced to answer a mail order bride ad, hoping to wed quickly. After arriving in Boot Creek, her fiancé, Earnest Hobart, is shocked to learn that not only has she been married before, but Celia’s also heavily pregnant. Pastor Nicolas Kinsley must step in to help, offering the mother-to-be a place to stay in the Men’s Emporium, where he lives. He falls hard for Celia, but a secret from his past threatens to destroy any chance of happiness.

Spoiled Evelyn

A woman of means, Evelyn Warner refuses to marry the man her family insists upon, fleeing with her maid, Tory, to the New Mexico Territory. Believing she has successfully escaped, hiding under the guise of a mail order bride, Evelyn is hesitant to marry Percy Vanguard, although he is from a respectable family and kindhearted. A chance encounter with Boot Creek’s most notorious bachelor, Chuck Brittle, in a stairwell, stuns Evelyn, especially when he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Trouble is never far behind, though, and the past is about to catch up with her.


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Madeline: The Outlaw’s Redemption

Brides of the Rockies Cover_B12_600x900i

Madeline: The Outlaw’s Redemption


She’s the daughter of a lawman. He’s a notorious outlaw, or is he? They can never be together, but this fiery redhead will defy her family to marry the man she loves.

On the verge of an engagement to Samuel Hardy, Madeline Ashton is a carefree young woman with the world at her feet. It’s not until her father arrests the notorious “Gentleman Bandit” that she meets Jared Stott, staring at the handsome outlaw through the bars of a jail cell.

Having come to the Colorado Territory to find a wife and open a shop, Jared Stott is stunned to be arrested, having been implicated in a series of robberies he did not commit. Being the identical brother of a bank robber, no one believes his innocence, except the beautiful redhead, whose father happens to be a lawman.

Surviving the hangman’s noose is only the beginning of Jared Stott’s troubles, because Madeline’s family is firmly against him. To compound matters, he is saddled with his brother’s wife and child, a burden worsened by the woman’s drinking. The only glimmer of light on the horizon is Madeline, who is steadfast in her love for him and her faith in the Lord, hoping that one day they can be together.

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Daisy: Brides of the Rockies

BOTR Book 10 Cover Rev C_300x450

My new release, Daisy: Brides of the Rockies is free thru Monday at Amazon. Two of my other books are also on sale.

Jesse Gunn’s farmer friends convince him to have his fortune told, but he never expected the gypsy fortuneteller with the fake accent to be so lovely, so enticing. Intrigued, he asks her to dinner, but Daisy has an agenda, thinking his father is also her own. Stunned by the accusation, Jesse doubts this claim. Daisy couldn’t possibly be his sister, or could she?

An Unexpected Husband, the sixth book of The Colorado Brides Series, is $0.99 for a limited time.
Prairie Madness is also $0.99.

Here is an excerpt from Daisy.

An hour and a half later, I was ready to close the shop, having read for six people and earned a few coins. Fay had left, needing to prepare for the show tonight. I washed the coal from my hair, dunking my head in a bowl of water. Then I wiped away the kohl from around my eyes. I wore my best dress, a grey and black skirt with a bustle and a fitted bodice. Gathering my hair into a bun, I tied the ribbons of a bonnet beneath my chin, examining myself in the mirror. I longed to look like this every day, not just for church or special occasions.

“You look like a proper lady now,” I murmured to myself.

A small revolver remained hidden in a drawstring purse, and I figured I would not have to use it, but a girl could never be too sure. The rap on the door made me jump.

“Just a moment.” Was that Mr. Gunn already? I released the lock, peeking outside at the tall man who stood on my stoop. “Hello.”

He grinned beneath a wide-brimmed hat. “Evenin’.”

“You’re early.”

“You look ready to me.”

“I am.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

He seemed entirely too eager to whisk me away. “W-where are we going again?”

“To my parent’s farm. It’s a few miles into the valley.”

“And you’ll bring me back, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“How do you propose we arrive? I wasn’t planning on walking that far.”

“Me either. I got a horse and wagon. Is that acceptable to you?”

“That’s fine.” I closed the door behind me, turning the key in the lock. One could never trust the circus folk, as quite a few had been thieves in earlier careers. “I’m ready then.” He helped me down the steps. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I marveled at his height, his handsome face hidden beneath several days worth of hair growth. “Does your family know about me?”

“I’ll let you fill ‘em in on all the details, honey.”

“You don’t believe I’m your sister, do you?”

“Not in the least, but if it amuses you to think so, then be my guest.”

“What if I am?”

“That remains to be seen.”

I had brought a gold watch, with Mr. Gunn’s initials inscribed in the back. It was the only bit of proof I had that he was my father, that and my birth certificate, but I kept the paper hidden in a safe place.

“You sure you don’t recognize your own kin?”

He glanced at me, smirking. “You look nothing like a Gunn, Daisy.”

“I inherited my looks from my mother.”

“It’s not just the physical attributes. I can assure you. If you really were my sister, I wouldn’t be attracted to you in the least.” His eyes skimmed over me, their depths darkening. “As it is, I find you extremely attractive.”

I pursed my lips. “Well, that’s not good.”

“Not for your claim to my name. Nope.”

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“An Unexpected Kiss” is coming soon!

Brides 7 Cover RC1-300

Update:  An Unexpected Kiss is now available at Amazon and is in publication at B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.


In the continuation of The Colorado Brides series, Susanna Hampton, Fanny’s adopted daughter, is about to embark on an adventure of the heart.

She’ll meet the man of her dreams, but he’s not at all what she expected. Russell Wade is a hard-living saloon owner in Denver City, who is struggling to raise two children after his wife left him. There will be twists and turns and surprises, but when it’s all said and done, two people, who truly belong together, will find themselves happily situated.

Here is an excerpt:

I giggled at that, but then gasped, as Mr. Wade appeared in the doorway. He had donned a frock coat and hat, but his weapon remained upon his thigh, remembering how he had pointed it at me earlier. He had come to observe his daughter, eyeing her dancing with a look of stoic acceptance. Grace was oblivious at being observed, laughing and dancing gaily in the arms of the charming Captain Harwood. When the music stopped and another tune began, they remained thus engaged, spinning amongst the other dancers, although Grace had improved dramatically.

It was then that Mr. Wade discovered me, his steely gaze fixed. “He has no reason to be so cross,” I murmured.

Mary had followed my stare. “Goodness, there he is in the flesh, and still, even with the coat, so rough-looking.”

“He doesn’t seem at all comfortable in good society.”

“I would say not.”

A man approached, disrupting our conversation. “Miss Hampton,” said Thomas Stoddard. “Might I have this dance?”

“I…I’m sorry, Thomas. I’m forgoing this one. Perhaps later?”

His favorable countenance fell. “That’s a shame.”

He was the son of the baker, and a known member of our set, but I had wanted to speak to my sister. “I’ll dance with you tonight, I promise.”

This appeased him. “Very well then.”

When he left, I leaned towards Mary. “What do you think he’ll do? He’s standing there quite strangely, wouldn’t you say?”

“Indeed. He has yet to stop staring at you.”

That was true. “He’s coming now!” My heart jumped into my throat. “Oh, I hope he’ll not lecture me. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Other than breaking into someone’s home and sticking your nose in their business,” she said acidly, her eyebrows lifting.

“Oh, bosh!”

“Evenin’, ladies,” drawled Mr. Wade.

“You’ve come to check on us,” I said.

“That I have.”

“Well, as you can see, Grace is enjoying herself, and I’m watching over her like a hawk. You needn’t have bothered coming.” I sounded peeved, but then I realized I was.

“You’re a stranger, Miss Hampton. You think I’d trust my flesh and blood to strangers?”

What had happened in his life to warrant such suspicion? “I know, sir. I’ve been responsible for my sister’s children for some time now. No harm has ever come to them under my care. I put their needs above my own, sir.”

“I can vouch for that,” agreed Mary. “I trust her implicitly with Rosalind and Albert. She’ll make a fine mother one of these days.”

I hadn’t expected such praise. “Why, thank you, Mary. I adore your children.” I turned to Mr. Wade. “This is my sister, Mrs. Mary Carlyle. Mary, this is Mr. Wade.”

They shook hands, although his attention remained on me, which was perplexing. “It’s a pleasure.”

She noted this, saying, “Why don’t you dance?”

“I beg your pardon?” Now he had my sister’s undivided interest, but his grey eyes had hardened.

“Ask Susanna to dance.”

“I…” his eyes were on me, “don’t dance.”

Swallowing the lump in my throat, the oddest sensation shimmied down my backbone, leaving me acutely aware of his particular attention. It was like a magnetic pull that had me yearning to be in his arms, but he had refused me. This should have hurt my feelings, but I intuitively knew it had nothing to do with me or perhaps it did. He seemed to be struggling with something, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides, itching for…what?

He does want to dance with you.

Maybe he doesn’t know how?

Or he’s angry with me.

No, he’s not really angry.

Then what on earth is the matter with him?

I’d love to find out…

The music stopped, and Captain Harwood returned with Grace, whose face was rosy from the exertion. She beamed at her father. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“How many dances have you had with him?” he asked harshly.


“Find another partner.” He glared at me. “Her reputation is in your hands this evenin’, Miss Hampton. If there’s even a hint of impropriety, I’ll tan your hide.”

My mouth fell open. “Goodness, you’re quite crude, Mr. Wade.”

“I am.”

His behavior firmed my resolve, as anger pricked. “I can assure you nothing untoward will happen tonight.”

Mary held out her hand to Captain Harwood. “I’ll dance the next, if you want. I’ll beg too, if I have to. Someone needs to save me from this inane conversation.”

“You’re not going to ruin the night, are you, Pa? Miss Hampton is without a partner. You could ask her to dance. It’s obvious she loathes you, but if you ask nicely, perhaps she’ll say yes.”

“He’s already refused me.” Mary and the captain had taken their leave, as the next song began to play—another waltz. Thomas Stoddard had asked for a dance, but he seemed nowhere to be found.

Another man approached Grace. “Might I have this dance?”

She beamed. “Of course.” He took her away without another word.

The moment was awkward, as Mr. Wade and I had been left alone. “You needn’t worry,” I said. “I’m watching her carefully.” Didn’t he have a business to mind?

His appearance had been noted, because several sets of interested faces turned our way. Then there had been whisperings amongst the couples, and I could only imagine what they thought. It was unusual to see the Wades at social gatherings and they were conspicuously absent from church as well. Everyone had to be wondering why he was speaking to me.

“Well,” I began, searching desperately for something to say, “I…suppose…”

“We should dance.” His hand was on my back, which made me jump. “I’ve not done this in years. I apologize in advance.”

Stunned, I let him lead me into the crowd, while couples turned round and round, the music light and charming. The glow from a dozen lamps gave off sufficient enough illumination, yet there were still shadows in places, and he seemed to prefer to hide in them, guiding me to a darkened corner. While Susanna whirled in the center, I found myself in the arms of her father, a man I hardly knew, and yet, I was thoroughly intrigued.

“You confuse me.” I had spoken the first thing that came to mind. His arm was around my back, while my left hand was in his. I wasn’t inexperienced when it came to dancing, but I knew enough to determine that he held me too closely.

His lips were near my ear. “This was a mistake.”

My heart hammered in my chest. At this proximity, he smelled of spicy soap or perhaps cologne, but there was whiskey on him too and tobacco, which clung to his clothing. It was an inherently male scent, and I inhaled deeply. We moved half-heartedly, not keeping time with the music at all.

I finally found my voice. “You’re a terrible dancer.”

This insult did not seem to register, our eyes meeting, while his look darkened. “You’re a busybody.”

He was right. “I…know.”

“Do you always walk into stranger’s homes?”


“Why did you?”

“I was curious.”

“About what?”

“Your son. Why he feels the need to steal.”

“I told you why.”

“Out of boredom.”


“That’s not an excuse, sir.”

“Russell. Call me Russell.”

“He should be in school.”

“You should mind your own business.”

“Why did you come tonight?”

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t know, but…I find you…fascinating.” I should have kept that to myself, but the words had fallen from my lips before I could stop them.

The music had ended, yet we were held immobile by an invisible force that neither seemed inclined to break. His chin grazed my temple and he kissed my forehead, which was wholly unexpected. Then his arms fell to his sides, as he turned away, leaving me standing there, staring after him, while he strode towards the doors and quit the room.

I had never been more conflicted in my life and I hadn’t a clue what I was even conflicted about.

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The Carson Brothers of Kansas is now a complete series


In the age of gunslingers, train robberies, and frontier towns, the Carson brothers of Kansas are notorious for their rowdy and lawless ways. But, even the most hardened soul can’t resist falling in love when he meets his match, and these cowboys will do that and more.

A Mail Order Bride for Charlie

Desperate for grandbabies, and cursed with four wayward sons, Maggie Carson concocts a scheme to impersonate them in letters sent back east for mail order brides.

Rebecca Hart is the first ensnared, romanced by sweet words, poetry, and the promise of a new life. When she arrives in Topeka, she is eager to marry the man she thought she had come to admire, but the groom, Grant Carson, is nowhere to be found. It is his younger brother, Charlie, who greets her at the train station. Charlie is appalled after discovering his mother’s deception, yet jealous that Rebecca is meant for his older brother, who, in his estimation, does not deserve her.

A Mail Order Bride for Bronson

Fleeing from an abusive marriage, Charlotte Mills and her five-year-old son, Dudley, travel to Kansas in the hope of securing a better future. While on the train to Topeka, the passengers are robbed by a band of outlaws. In the midst of the chaos, one of the bandits, a tall, rugged man in a bandana, shamelessly steals her last ten dollars. Injured after a robbery, Bronson Carson is forced to return to the Carson Ranch to recuperate; where he meets the woman he robbed, as she nurses him back to health.

A Mail Order Bride for Wyatt

While on the Chisholm Trail, Eugenia’s drawn to the handsome trail boss, but Wyatt Carson, oldest of the Carson brothers, has no plans to settle down just yet or anytime soon, preferring his freedom. Eugenia is a raven-haired beauty with big, dark eyes. Her fun and flirty manner begin to wear him down, especially after she dons a pair of men’s denim pants and learns to ride and shoot. The flirtatious vixen tempts him like no other, and his good intentions begin to evaporate. As the cowboys pull into Abilene, Wyatt must let Eugenia go. This could be the biggest challenge of his life.

A Mail Order Bride for Grant

Grant Carson’s stubborn refusal to settle down and marry has exasperated his long-suffering mother, Maggie. He has been involved with a married woman for years now, but being shot at by an angry husband has forced him to rethink his choices. Grant is intrigued by Eva’s innocent vulnerability, wanting more than anything to help her. Yet the plucky blonde is illusive and vexing, having a plan of her own.

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