Gillian: Brides of the Rockies Book 4

Book 11 Cover Rev B_600x900

Gillian: Brides of the Rockies is 99 cents for a Limited Time Only!

Two broken hearts collide on the path to redemption …

After being given to a wealthy man in a faro game, Gillian Netty Stone flees Virginia for the safety of Independence, Missouri. On the edge of civilization, the town borders a vast prairie, and the promise of freedom for so many—including Gillian. But trouble always has a way of intruding, and she is on the run again, sneaking aboard a stranger’s wagon, as he prepares to join a group of settlers heading west on the Oregon Trail.

Cole Clarkson is stunned to find a young woman in his wagon, hiding amongst crates of provisions. Being with Gillian reminds him of the past and all that he’s lost—a family he will never see again. Opening his heart is far too great a risk, but the winsome brunette breaks through each of his defenses, weakening his resolve to never fall in love again.

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Daisy: Brides of the Rockies

BOTR Book 10 Cover Rev C_300x450

My new release, Daisy: Brides of the Rockies is free thru Monday at Amazon. Two of my other books are also on sale.

Jesse Gunn’s farmer friends convince him to have his fortune told, but he never expected the gypsy fortuneteller with the fake accent to be so lovely, so enticing. Intrigued, he asks her to dinner, but Daisy has an agenda, thinking his father is also her own. Stunned by the accusation, Jesse doubts this claim. Daisy couldn’t possibly be his sister, or could she?

An Unexpected Husband, the sixth book of The Colorado Brides Series, is $0.99 for a limited time.
Prairie Madness is also $0.99.

Here is an excerpt from Daisy.

An hour and a half later, I was ready to close the shop, having read for six people and earned a few coins. Fay had left, needing to prepare for the show tonight. I washed the coal from my hair, dunking my head in a bowl of water. Then I wiped away the kohl from around my eyes. I wore my best dress, a grey and black skirt with a bustle and a fitted bodice. Gathering my hair into a bun, I tied the ribbons of a bonnet beneath my chin, examining myself in the mirror. I longed to look like this every day, not just for church or special occasions.

“You look like a proper lady now,” I murmured to myself.

A small revolver remained hidden in a drawstring purse, and I figured I would not have to use it, but a girl could never be too sure. The rap on the door made me jump.

“Just a moment.” Was that Mr. Gunn already? I released the lock, peeking outside at the tall man who stood on my stoop. “Hello.”

He grinned beneath a wide-brimmed hat. “Evenin’.”

“You’re early.”

“You look ready to me.”

“I am.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

He seemed entirely too eager to whisk me away. “W-where are we going again?”

“To my parent’s farm. It’s a few miles into the valley.”

“And you’ll bring me back, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“How do you propose we arrive? I wasn’t planning on walking that far.”

“Me either. I got a horse and wagon. Is that acceptable to you?”

“That’s fine.” I closed the door behind me, turning the key in the lock. One could never trust the circus folk, as quite a few had been thieves in earlier careers. “I’m ready then.” He helped me down the steps. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I marveled at his height, his handsome face hidden beneath several days worth of hair growth. “Does your family know about me?”

“I’ll let you fill ‘em in on all the details, honey.”

“You don’t believe I’m your sister, do you?”

“Not in the least, but if it amuses you to think so, then be my guest.”

“What if I am?”

“That remains to be seen.”

I had brought a gold watch, with Mr. Gunn’s initials inscribed in the back. It was the only bit of proof I had that he was my father, that and my birth certificate, but I kept the paper hidden in a safe place.

“You sure you don’t recognize your own kin?”

He glanced at me, smirking. “You look nothing like a Gunn, Daisy.”

“I inherited my looks from my mother.”

“It’s not just the physical attributes. I can assure you. If you really were my sister, I wouldn’t be attracted to you in the least.” His eyes skimmed over me, their depths darkening. “As it is, I find you extremely attractive.”

I pursed my lips. “Well, that’s not good.”

“Not for your claim to my name. Nope.”

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Faith: Brides of the Rockies

BOTR Book 9 Cover RED_250x375

Is free on Amazon 19-23 March 2015

On the train to Denver, a rough-looking man captures Faith Hardwood’s attention; the stranger compels her in a way she’s never known. When robbers beset the passengers, he comes to her aid. The damage is done however, as she is robbed of every penny—the money she needed to live on.

Owen Birch, the stranger, has gambled his way to success, owning several hotels and saloons. Traveling on business, he encounters a young woman, Faith, who takes his breath away. After the robbery, he generously gives her money, because she has lost everything.

Two years later, at a faro table one evening, Faith sees the man she met on the train. He too recognizes her. Although fate has been unkind, Faith senses her luck is about to change. However, Owen isn’t the sort of man to settle down. He offers to spoil Faith as his mistress, but she refuses, because she’s in love, and it’s a husband she wants.

Preview of Faith: Brides of the Rockies

“What if you were to accompany me? I could pay you for the service.”

“Accompany you?”

“Travel with me.”

“And sleep in your bed.”

“I would pay you generously.”

The heat I had felt a moment ago grew cold. “I see.”

“You may purchase a new wardrobe. You may have all the hats and furs you like. You’ll travel in style. You’ll eat at all the best restaurants. Would that be agreeable to you?”

The wine I had drunk churned in my belly, having soured. “I suppose, considering my circumstances I should take that offer. Heaven knows there might not ever be another one.”

“You sound peeved.”

“I’d be your paid companion. I’d be like a personal whore. It’s charming, really, but I think I prefer my life the way it is.”

“You are peeved.”

“I’m sorry, Owen, but I must decline your … your offer.”

“I should’ve rephrased it. You’d not be a whore, Faith.”

“Yes, I would. I’d sleep in your bed and do whatever people do there and walk around in pretty things and live in rooms like this, but I wouldn’t have a ring around my finger or the blessings of the church. I’d be no better than a doxy on Market Street. Then, once you tire of me, you’ll toss me out with some money and I’ll be old and used and no man will ever want to marry me.”

He ran fingers through his hair. “I’ve fudged this completely.”

“Oh, you’ve made yourself quite clear. I heard you perfectly the first time.”

“I didn’t mean it in such a way. I’d never toss you out into the street.” He glanced at me. “You’d just live with me forever, as my companion.”

“Well, if that’s what you want, why not marry me?”

“Because you’d not be satisfied with that.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’d want children. You’d want to stay in one place.”

“That’s true. I do want that, but I realize it may never happen.”

He seemed thoughtful, but whatever it was had him frowning. “I think it will. You’re far too lovely to be left to rot in a saloon. Some man is going to know your worth and snap you up.”

“But not you.”

“I’ve just offered you a new life. You may take it, Faith.”

“To be your mistress.”


“I have to decline.” It wasn’t anger I felt anymore, but sadness. All the enjoyment of having come to see him had evaporated. “I should go.”

“I’ll be in town for a few days. You have time to reconsider.”

“I can’t. I have to stay and take care of my father. He needs me.”

“In a cramped room in a boarding house over a saloon.”

“Yes. It’s not glamorous in the least, but it’s honest.”

“And my offer is somehow dishonest?”

“No, but it’s not what I want.”

“I think you’ll change your mind.”

“You’re far too optimistic.” He wasn’t used to not getting his way in the least. My negative answer had bothered him greatly, his eyes taking on an imploring quality. Knowing once I left this room, I would more than likely never see him again, I reached out to touch his face. “You’re a good man, Owen. I’m flattered by the offer, but you must understand. I want a house and children and a normal, quiet life. Traveling from place to place is exciting, but I know I’d grow weary of it.”

“You couldn’t sacrifice some things to be with me?”

“We’re essentially strangers. You won’t be here long enough for me to know you.”

I would say goodbye to Owen now, although it pained me to do so. Of all the men I had met in my life, he was the only one who even remotely tempted me to discard my morals and every other dream I had. Leaning in, I kissed him lightly, my lips brushing his. Inhaling the scent of his cologne, the aroma teased me, a reminder of that moment on the train two years ago when I had met a handsome and intriguing man.

Closing my eyes, I sighed against his lips, his tongue sweeping into my mouth. His hands grasped my face, the fingers feeling warm against my cheeks. I had never kissed a man before, not knowing what to expect. The sheer pleasure of it caught me by surprise. Whatever dormant feelings I had hidden, sprang to life, propelling me to scoot nearer to him. Our lips felt soft and moist, while our tongues collided repeatedly, the sensation like warm honey. I drifted … floated … a moan tearing from my throat.

“Faith,” he murmured near my ear. “Please reconsider.”

Kissing him had been a mistake, a terrible, massive, horrible mistake. I pulled away, gazing at him. “Oh, drat.”


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Cassie, Brides of the Rockies, a new western romance series set in the 1880’s

BOTR Book 8 Cover x_200x300

Nathanial Carroll has been a thorn in Cassie Bjorn’s side ever since they were children. He has tormented her by dipping her blonde hair in ink, pouring honey into her school bag, and teasing her relentlessly. Now, grown up and more handsome than a man ought to be, Nathanial is determined to make Cassie his wife, although she loathes him with a passion. The task before him is formidable, and Nate will have to make amends for past behavior and court Cassie properly.

Cassie knows Nathanial as a womanizer and drunkard with appalling manners. Any well-bred young lady would give this man a wide berth, as she has done for years. But Cassie’s mother and Nate’s mother are the best of friends, and they see fit to broker an engagement. To compound matters, an accidental kiss during a shootout sends the town’s gossips into a furor,and Cassie finds her reputation in tatters. There’s only one man to blame for this predicament—Nathanial Carroll.

Preview of Cassie, Brides of the Rockies

A carriage waited, two horses grazing on the grass behind the hitching post. Nathanial opened the door for me, and I ducked my head, stepping inside. Once he had released the lines, he sat next to me, his form filling the interior, his head nearly touching the ceiling. The aroma of leather lingered, but not the smell of whiskey.

“Are you sober?”

“I am. For the first time in my life.” He called to the horses. “Come on, girls. Get a move on.” The carriage gently swayed, the wheels crunching on gravel.

“I was at your mother’s house this morning.”

“You were?”

“She invited us to tea.”

His eyes skimmed over me. “Your face looks better.”

“I’m healing. It was just a scratch.”

“What were you doing at the Courier?”

“Talking to William.”

“Oh, it’s William, is it?”

“And it’s none of your business.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“You look like you were crying. There are streaks of dirt on your face that look suspiciously like tears.”

“It’s none of your cotton pickin’ business.”

“He broke things off, huh?”

“None of your business.”

“You know, they’re gossiping about us something awful. I am sorry I kissed you the other day, but you … you looked so darned handsome. You look just as handsome now, but you’re a dirty little thing.”

I glared at him. “Just get me home. I don’t want to talk to you.”

He sighed, glancing at the street out the window, the carriage trundling along the avenue before the Barton House. “Well, it’s gonna be a quiet life then, if we never speak.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, not caring in the least.

“If we’re gonna marry, a few words should be spoken, don’t you think?”

“I’m not marrying you,” I grated. “People need to stop harping on about that.”

“I wish you would.”

Dash it! I wasn’t supposed to speak. “No.” I sensed his attention, my skin prickling with awareness.

“Well, I wouldn’t normally force a woman to wed me, but I think I might have to agree with my folks on this issue. You, Cassie Bjorn, are a stubborn woman, who doesn’t know what’s good for her. If I had some doubts about that before, the kiss cleared it all up. You might think you hate me, and maybe you do, but I know in my heart we’re right for each other.”

Was I supposed to respond to that?

“So, on that note, I do hope you plan on giving me a chance, now that Mr. Stuart has cut the ties.” We neared my house, mercifully. As Nathanial brought the carriage to a stop by the fence, I prepared to spring from the conveyance, but he grabbed my arm, stopping me. “Cassie?”

“I’ve nothing more to say to you, Mr. Carroll. Thank you for seeing me home, but that is all I’ll require of you.” His hand felt warm around my arm.

“All right, be like that, but it won’t change a thing.”

“You’re wasting your time, if you think I’ll marry you.” I glanced at him, wishing I hadn’t. He looked handsome in his deputy attire, a wide-brimmed hat shading his forehead, but his eyes bore into me with their intensity, the golden depths flickering in an odd light.

“You are a stubborn woman, but … I can be just as pigheaded. This isn’t over, Cassie. Not by a long shot.”

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“Bride of the Wild” is now available!


Bride of the Wild is a romantic adventure set in 1850’s Colorado.

A series of bear attacks shatter the peace of Fern Valley, spurring the inhabitants to organize a hunting party to rid the town of a feral animal. Micah Blaylock is a wagon master and trapper, having lived deep in the Rocky Mountains most of his life. He has come to Fern Valley to look for work, bringing with him his friend, Deer Runner, an Arapaho Indian, who speaks fluent English. Upon meeting Saffron Fossett, he is drawn to her beauty, her poise, and her spirit, harboring a crush that blossoms into love, but, alas, she seems firmly set on Silas Hefferman, the eldest son of a rich merchant.

Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime, as Saffron, Micah, and Silas join a hunting party intent on killing the rabid bear. Not only will they be forced to protect themselves from the dangers of nature, but the woodland Utes call these mountains their home, and they will go to any length to protect their way of life.

Saffron will have to place her faith in God, and once the decision is made, she won’t ever be able to turn back. This leap of faith might just end in tragedy—but perhaps not, if you believe in miracles.


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Bride of the Wild


Bride of the Wild is a novel about the pioneers who settled the American west, risking everything in pursuit of better lives. Saffron Fossett and her family braved a treacherous journey along an immigrant trail to settle in the wilds of the Rockies, with its majestic, snowcapped mountains and lush prairies. The family built a house and farmed for a living, but after a bout with illness, Saffron’s mother succumbed, leaving the Fossett children bereft. Her beau, Silas Hefferman, offered comfort, and Saffron hoped to be his wife one day.

Micah Blaylock had been a wagon master and trapper, having lived deep in the Rocky Mountains most of his life. He has come to Fern Valley to look for work, bringing with him his friend, Deer Runner, an Arapaho Indian, who was fluent in English. Upon meeting Saffron, he is drawn to her beauty, her poise, and her spirit, harboring a secret crush that blossoms into an all-encompassing love.

A series of bear attacks shatter the peace of Fern Valley, spurring the inhabitants to organize a hunting party. As Saffron embarks on this dangerous mission, calamity soon follows, and she must confront her fears and risk it all to save those she cares for. The love she seeks is indeed near, someone whom she has grown to respect—someone she had never imagined herself with—yet through trial and circumstance, she could now never live without.

Bride of the Wild is a standalone novel, coming in October November… now available at Amazon and CreateSpace.

Categories: Victorian romance novels, historical romance bestsellers, sweet historical romance, pioneer western novels, Colorado history, clean historical romance, inspirational historical romance, action adventure historical romance, Christian historical romance, 19th century fiction, Victorian romance suspense.

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